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with no mnemonic order

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

what is it all about?

A mini demonstration of super memory power

A lazy technique for memorized deck of cards without a lot of memory.

Remember the order of a regular shuffle deck of cards in the eyes of the beholder.

What the spectator see?

Separation of red and black cards only by the memory

discovery of 3 cards

Separation of all suits the spectator announced



Give a volunteer to shuffle a regular deck of cards,

take it back and spread it out, point with your finger to the right card of the pack and go slowly with the finger to the left (only for distraction)

in the same time look to the left card and start the simple memory technique I will now explain to you: (for the explanation pic.1)

Do not try to remember the colors just remember the following order:

if there are two red cards just remember the number 2,

after that there are three black cards-remember 3,

then 4 red cards-remember 4,

and again 2 black cards-remember 2

and then 2 reds-remember 2

at the end remember only one card that came after all of them.

2-3-4-2-2-(the queen of clubs)( remember only 5 numbers for the explanation) (pic.1)

the more numbers you remember the more you can separate the colors.

close the pack and give it a cut but keep the top with the pinky finger, Riffle through the deck and ask the volunteer to tell you stop at any time they want (pic.2)

cut back to the part you just memorized (set aside the other cards*)

(*if it is your pack of cards you can switch those cards into an half memorized deck for the finale closer)


(pic .2)

(Look at the bottom card of the pack you set a side and tell the spectator: " This card will tell us everything we need to know about the rest of the pack..)

separate the pack into two decks of cards face down and then turn them over

(2 to the right 3 to the left 4 to the right 2 to the left 2 to the right)

black red






Q of clubs


When you get to the Queen of clubs Declare: "now the card will be a black card I think the Queen.. the Queen of clubs".

make a double lift look for yourself on the card and see what card comes after it

(the 2 of spades), quickly return the double cards and by A shout of victory declare-

Yes I was right!" and let the volunteer to turn it over."

"If I remember correctly the next card will be the 2 of spades.

Do a second deal (second card from the top) do not show it just look and see the 2 of hearts

in the second you see the new card say: "yes! And the next card must be the 2 of hearts"

(do not show it yet)

take the 2 of spades also into your hand And then throw the two cards together in front of the spectator.

("one a head principle")


Take the remaining cards and ask the volunteer to shuffle them again

Ask the volunteer to name a suit( for the Explanation: the spades) spread the cards facing up and as you try to memorize the order of all the spades in the deck, make a crimp in the bottom right corner for each of the suits with your pinky finger and take them back into the pack. (From left to right) (pic.3 no cover)(pic.4 cover)



Turn over all the cards face down and start dealing them one by one.

when you see a crimp down in the left corner (pic.5 all the crimps) take it out*.


Do it until you separate all the suits

*(when you find a card with a crimp hold it out with your fingers on the crimp and straighten the card at the same motion you take it out.)

memory tricks really impresses people and makes them feel they are taking part in something unique and different, Hope you like the idea, now take it to a new directions


Eli Altar

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