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special coin

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

take a bunch of coins (same type/value) on the table in the same direction (all heads)

Tell the volunteer that she is going to find a coin that belongs only to her

The mentalist points to a particular coin and begins to move from one side to the other,coin after coin

asks the volunteer that at any time she feels right please say

Keep the volunteer's coin away from the other coins

flip the coins and show their other side

Ask the volunteer to turn her coin to the other side

It turns out her name is written on the other side of the coin

Preparations in advance and ingredients:

Number of coins,

Write the name of the volunteer on one coin(tails side)


The effect is a mentalism effect based on a magic effect of teleportation — moving from place to place

(coin matrix/ chink to chink)

Step 1:

Hide in the right palm "palming" (and do not hide in another way because it will look less natural for this effect) a coin with the name of the volunteer pre-signed (picture 1)

Step 2:

With the right hand move coins from the right side to the left with the finger until the volunteer says to stop on a certain coin

Step 3:

Pull the coin the volunteer told us to stop at and separate from all the other coins with the right hand(still palming the coin) (Picture 2)

Step 4:

Place your left hand on the remaining coins and move them to the right side of the coins

(if there are no coins left, simply pull them all to the right for the reason

of removing the coins from the selected coin)

Step 5:

The physical condition created now is a small cross between the two hands and the forearm of the left hand is above the right hand (picture 3)

Step 6:

Cover the selected coin as if you are going to grab it but with the help of the thumb give it a push, This way the coin will join the group of coins below the left hand

The coin will pass under the forearm of the left hand to the left palm)

(Picture 4)

Step 7:

Drop the coin that was hidden in the right palm and bring it without exposing the other side(heads) to the volunteer

Step 8:

Flip over the rest of the coins in front of the volunteer

Step 9:

Let the volunteer flip the coin

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