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squid game

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

squid game

the effect:

predict the number of winnings in the squid game(the marbles)

Put the prediction on the table in front of the spectator.

Pic 1.

the rules are as follows:

Give 5 marbles for the volunteer and keep 5 for yourself.

Tell the volunteer to put a number of marbles in a closed fist.

the mentalist or the spectator trying to guess whether the marbles are even or odd by put an even or odd number of marbles inside their hands.

This Method:

Control even or odd marbles in your hand

all you need to do is to palm one marble in your hand between your thumb and point finger and bring the hidden marble into your hand (or not)

the spectator start to guess-odd or even number.

and the mentalist open their hand first,

there is no need for palming anything at the beginning of the game

first outcome:

Only if the mentalist lost 3 times in a row then the spectator must open the hand before the mentalist open the hand.

(But before that let the volunteer guess and let the mentalist open the hand before the spectator open)

Second outcome:

if the mentalist win 4 times in a row then the mentalist must force the volunteer 3 wins in a row and at the 4th time make the spectator loose.

Turn over the prediction:

Hope you will win and stay a live(:

Ellie Altar

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