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Stranger Things

The volunteers shown 4 different dice of dungeons and dragons

and asked if they have seen the TV series-Stranger Things

The series describes the world above and the world below etc..

Show the volunteer 4 dice of D12 D20 D6 D4

Ask the volunteer to place the dice on top of each other in any order they want

We ask the volunteer without us looking to calculate the world above and the world below

This means that he looks at any number that is on the top side of each die and connects to it the bottom side of that die until he connects all the numbers together and gets a certain result

The mentalist reveals the result for example 43


In the 20 die the numbers always add up to 21

In the 12 die the numbers add up to 13

In the 6 die the numbers add up to 7

Cube 4 will always be at the top because there is no other way to place it and there is only one number at the top of the die(no bottom)

All we have left to do is peek at the top die(2) and quickly move our head and sum up: 41+2 =43

The result will always be 41 + 1/2/3/4

Let the volunteer calculate on his own without being seen and tell the volunteer your prediction

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