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The visible deck

Ask a volunteer to say out loud one card from 52 cards

For example: the king of diamonds

Take out the card without showing yet the face of the card,

Fan the rest of the cards and show the audience there are no drawings on the cards except for one card, the King diamonds.

No special gaff cards needed

Method And Presentation:

Place the ACE OF DIAMONDS at the top of the pack (face up)

Audience view:

mentalist view:

after a spectator say out loud a random card (king of diamonds) take it out close the deck and put it in your pocket or on the table with the back of the card towards the audience

Place your thumb in a diagonal position so the marks are not visible (the Ace Of Diamonds) Fan the cards again but now in the opposite direction (the marks of the cards cannot be seen)

and show the audience a whole blank deck

Close the deck and reach the chosen card the king of diamonds and turn it over

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